Note - all previews below are full-scale images, the download includes the coded files.

Domain Checker

This CSS based domain checker can slip into your website (possible to integrate with any type of website) to enhance your websites's callt-to-actions. It is also fully compatible with IE 7+


- Light-weight - This domain checker is extremely light-weight.

- Easy to customize - Change the color scheme, font size, font type & spacing are all easy by editing the simple CSS file.

- Optimized code - We've spent a lot of time ensuring the code is as optimized as possible. This really is one of the most optimized login menus available.

- WHMCS support - This code can be copied and pasted into your WHMCS template or on a non-WHMCS page and hooked up with the WHMCS domain checker easily. You can see how this functions on the homepage which is a non-WHMCS page. Once a domain is searched it redirects to the WHMCS domain checker page and performs the search without any capcha forms.