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Promo Bar

We've developed a custom promo bar which utilises cookies to allow your visitors to close and hide it. We developed it originally for TemplateGenie as a way display important information/announcements to our visitors. It's now available for everyone to benefit from as we have.


You can demo our pre-made notices below:

NoticeToggleNewsletterSocialStickyMulti notices

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- Settings - At the top of the script you will find a selection of settings including the option to turn on/off the notice, a option to show after x page views, cookie days and display option.

- 2 display options - We've integrated 2 display options, default and toggle. Default will hide the notice once the close button is clicked. Toggle allows your visitors to show and hide the notice by clicking the toggle icon.

- Multiple ready made templates - we've included multiple templates for you to use the script however you see fit. The templates include newsletter integrated bar & social bar.

- Supports unlimited notices - You can set unlimited notices on the same page

- Responsive - Re-size this window or view this page on your mobile device to see it in action!

- Easy to customize - The design of the notice is simple CSS which is fully editable allowing you to better match the design of your website.

- Quick & easy to install - Simply include a few lines of code and you're all set! (you will receive a link to our detailed installation guide in your order confirmation email)

- Light-weight - This script is very lightweight in comparison to alternatives

- Non-intrusive notice - This notice is very small and out of the way so it doesn't distract visitors from your call-to-actions but is bold enough to stand out.

Included with your purchase

- Support - As with all of our products we provide a fantastic level of support.

- Updates - When we update this script you will gain instant & free access to download the new files. We'll even email you when a new version is released.

About this demo

- Once you've clicked the notice button you'll need to clear your browser's cookies to see it again.