About this demo

Please note that the design you see was created (admittedly very quickly) as a example, the integration code includes only the elements seen below of which will be displayed on your website in conjunction with your website design.

Integration code

ClientExec Services

A mix of services for the popular web hosting provider software, ClientExec.

ClientExec Integration

This service involves taking your existing website design (whether it's static, Wordpress, Joomla or just about any format) and using the design files to create a matching ClientExec template.

Price: just $149.99 one-time

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ClientExec Installation

We will install the latest version of ClientExec on your domain at the location of your choice. This service is a low cost and effort free way to have ClientExec installed. As with all of our services you can rest easy knowing it's carried out professionally.

Price: just $12.00 one-time

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End of integration code